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b0ysofsummer's Journal

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♥about me
There are some thing's that are undescribeable, and that's what i'd say about myself. I'm complicated, but easy to get along with. I'm almost never 100% happy, but who really is? I'm ready for the next chapter in my life. My dream is to do something big, something that would affect my life, something positive...that something has yet to be decided. There isn't anything that can throw me down, because in the end I know that I can pick myself up again. I'll be more then honest and say that the happiest moment of my life will be when I get out of this place. Singing and music to me is an outlet. An outlet from the life that I live everyday. If everyone accepted that outlet in their lives, this world might not be so cold. I have severe Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and sometimes, I do thing's that I wish i didn't do. Most of the time it's controlled with my medicine. It's hard for me to have a positive attitude because I feel like my disorders are eating away at my brain.

That was the deeper side of me. The side that mostly everyone sees, is far from what I described. I crack jokes left and right, I love comedy, I think that people need to add that to their daily lives as well. Improv is so fun to me. I love making people laugh, and sometimes when I fail, I feel like i've failed completely. I'm bubbly, like big bubbly pink bubble gum. I could talk for hours, about nothing. I like to freestyle rap/sing, and beatbox cuz i'm cool like that, seriously it's so fun. I'm girly, and a lot of people hate me for it SUE ME BITCHES. @#%!&
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